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this is the first time

18 peaks will be conquered on a bike


“You never know until you go.”

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14 of Colorado’s 14,000 feet peaks will be tackled. So far, we have completed 12.

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Why Do This?

We stumbled into this project on our quest to find new, beautiful, and challenging places to ride. We biked Mt. Elbert and had one of our best days on two wheels all season. When we started looking into what was next, we realized that no information existed about most of the rideable 14ers. Curiosity and the innate human desire to explore something that’s never been done took hold and bikethe14ers was born. Our goal is to explore new areas, spend nights under the stars, rip on our bikes, and capture stunning images of the experience. We will bring new life to the highest peaks in the Rockies and share our information and our story with you as we go.

Wilderness Act

On September 3, 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act. Bike the 14ers began on the 50th birthday of our nation’s wilderness lands. How we choose to use and legislate our public land is a topic that should always be on the table for discussion. The laws haven’t changed since their inception and there is plenty of debate about where bikes should or shouldn’t be allowed. By bringing our bikes to the legal (National Forest) 14ers, this project gives us an intimate connection to these self imposed boundaries and will inspire discussion about how we use these precious public resources.

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Summer 2015


We will be scheduling these peaks as the summer progresses to work around weather and logistics. We will be constantly updating this site with trip reports, detailed information and stories about each of the 18 peaks.

Follow Us

follow-us-bikethe14erWe invite you to follow our story, be a part of the discussion, and share your own bike adventures in Colorado’s beautiful backcountry.

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Ian Fohrman

Ian Fohrman is a writer and photographer out of Denver, Co. He is a partner in The Public Works, a unique creative agency with capabilities ranging from engineering and high end fabrication to multimedia production and web design. He has been writing and shooting editorial in the snow world for almost 10 years with features in every North American ski publication. He also has a background as a Red Bull photographer, commercial photography, and ski-mountaineering photography. Ian managed the Helly Hansen Global Snow Sports Marketing program from 2005-2010 giving him a strong background in sports marketing and PR.

Whit Boucher

Whit Boucher is an artist, professional skier, and Marketing Manager for Strafe Outerwear. He is based out of Aspen, Colorado and rides for POC, Zeal, Icelantic, and Strafe.

18 Peaks

This summer we will bike 18 of the 14ers in Colorado and will be the first two people to bike all of the legal peaks.


Each peak has a story that will be released throughout the summer. We’re hoping that by October we will be the first two people to bike all the 14ers!

Follow Us

After each peak completed, we will do an in-depth report that will be published in full on this site. Be sure to follow our daily Instagram and Facebook posts.